Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You are kidding me!!!

W1 with his trophies
Baby shower

Well, I had a great time tonight at a surprise baby shower for a sweet friend (who also happens to be the co-leader of W1's boy scout den. She is awesome-a few weeks ago-at 36 weeks pregnant, she went camping with the boys for 3 nights. She even canoed!! She is having baby number 4-the first girl so we loaded her up with lots of pink-

While I was at the shower-my sweet W1 was winning TWO TROPHIES after the championship basketball game at the YMCA. His team lost last night but after the game tonight, there was a free throw and a three point shoot-out and W1 won them BOTH!! I am so thrilled for him-Of course, I missed it but sometimes I think I make him nervous anyway. I get so excited during the game and get pretty loud-sort of like my dad. I hate I missed it but have gotten the re-enactment several times and will probably see it many more times in the future. Well, no news this week-Hopefully, soon!


  1. I am stalking your blog mercilessly! RING phone, ring!!! I hope today is your day, C!

    And congrats to your talented son!


  2. what, you are loud at games like dad was? he yelled during sporting events? you got to be kidding?! so proud of will britt! karate chop the boss for me. love ya

  3. Number three, yeah! I hope you are holding up ok...I really thought you would hear something this week!