Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our birthday month!!

Helen before her baptismal-she did such a great job-I thought she was going to baptize our minister at one point!! Her big brothers were so proud of her.

Helen riding the carousel for the first time.

Helen and her birthday cake-she loves Dora.

Our beach trip in January-As you can see, Helen does not like her picture taken.

Well, I have to admit when our case worker, Natalie, told me that Helen's birthday was in April, 5 days after Wesley's and 3 days before Will's, I had a moment of panic. I knew what this meant...April is a tough month for mom here at the Britt household-between Easter and now 3 birthdays (and throw in a baptism this April for good measure) but I am happy to say, we survived!!! Helen had a great birthday. All day she said, "Helen's birthday!" It was so cute- She is growing so quickly and learning so much. She knows all of her colors and can sing the ABC's and count to 10. I wish I could take credit for it-but she picks up on things so quickly. Her favorite saying is, "What's that?" and when you tell her, I don't think she ever forgets. She still looks at our pictures of Ethiopia and remembers some of her friends and caregivers-I know those memories are fading and it makes me so sad.

We had a play date with 7 other moms who have adopted from Ethiopia-it was so neat and we found out that one girl was in Helen's room in Ethiopia- I don't think they remembered each other but I have pictures of her from our trip. I hope that as the years go by, we can keep in contact-I know that connections with other families who have adopted from Ethiopia are so important.

Will and Wesley are doing great with their little sister. Will is perfect as Helen's big brother (he has had a lot of practice) and Wesley is like a big toy for Helen- We took Helen on her first boat ride last weekend and she LOVED it-I was worried she would not sit still because believe me she is BUSY but she did great-hopefully, she will still enjoy it this summer.

Well, I am going to go rest my weary bones before she wakes up!!!