Friday, November 20, 2009

Countdown to Ethiopia!

OUR DAY-first "family photo"as a family of five (notice Helen's picture!)

Baby Girl's pink paradise

Hope Helen likes pink!!

Happy Birthday, Nana!!

Picture from a sweet family who went to pick up their tiny baby boy!! Helen has a photo album we sent her in her hands!! We LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Helen!!

This week has been a blur. We have finished Helen's bedroom and made travel and lodging arrangements. Now, we have to pack...!!! Tomorrow we are going to shop for supplies for Helen's orphanage...thanks to many great friends and family, we are going to be able to take more than we originally thought! Thanks to everyone who donated baby supplies or gift cards or money (thank you notes will come...)

We are so honored to take pictures and/or packages to sweet children in Ethiopia waiting for their families. I have attempted to contact everyone who has left us a message. If for some reason, you have not heard from me, PLEASE try to contact me again!! I don't want to leave anyone out!!

Please pray for our safe travels-Two more weeks until we leave for Ethiopia!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Here she is.....Helen Gonder Britt!!!

Our little messy Marvin-she fits right in with our family!!

Love her beautiful smile!!

Look at those beautiful eyes-my dad says she has his eyes!!

Our referral picture-what a beautiful little lady!! This one makes me smile every day!!!!

It is a miracle-we have a daughter (and a sister!) Meet Helen Gonder Britt-The minute we saw her picture, heard her name and her birthday (April 16th-Will's is April 19th and Wesley's is April 11th-what about that for a sign!!) we knew she was our daughter!! We are so honored to be her parents. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers-We travel to Ethiopia on December 6th-please pray again for safe travels and an easy transition for Helen.

If anyone would like for us to take a package or take pictures of your little ones, (or big ones) we would be glad to.

Thank you again. This has been an amazing journey...and it is just getting started!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you are only a day away!!

Telling the boys about our court date!!

Baby B's digs.

Our preacher calls her the chandelier baby-What? Doesn't every girl need a chandelier?

W1's "basketball court"

W1's cool loft bedroom courtesy of my husband and dad!!

Well, by this time tomorrow, we should know whether we passed our court date. Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers. We are so hopeful that good news is coming our way.

I have been in serious nesting mode. W1's room is almost complete-it is so cool-He loves it. (Thanks Pawpaw and Dad B!!) We are currently finishing Baby B's room-it needs some accessories and curtains but it is a pink paradise!!

Some wonderful friends gave us a surprise baby shower over the weekend and we received a ton of supplies for Baby B's orphanage as well as some really great gear for her!! I will post those pics. as soon as I receive them.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to our daughter. She truly is our dream come true!