Thursday, May 28, 2009

These are for you, Meme!!

My parents house that has been transformed by my dad-he built the portico, garage and painted it all by himself.

I helped paint the white fence-and in the process found 14 ticks on my socks and shoes-YUCK!

Meme-we enjoyed spending time with you this weekend-it was so good to see you and Melba! Love you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

W1 is freezing-the "fish" W2 did not mind the cold water a bit!

Well, soccer is over so it is now Dad B's favorite time of the year-weekends at the lake! For once, I was so worn out I actually slept-(with both W1 and W2-all the while wondering how Baby Girl B will fit in the bed with us). We spent much of the weekend on the jet skis and the boys loved it-I am no spring chicken anymore, so I was a little sore. On Sunday, Dad B's family, my aunt Meme and our friends came by for a cookout-It only rained a little that day-on Monday, we got caught in a hail storm while on the pontoon-luckily, we were able to pull over at a friends' pier to wait for the storm to pass.

I thought about our baby girl a lot while we were at the lake-wondering how she would like the water and the boats and that it will be a challenge with a little one around the water. Our friends have a son who just turned one and he is such a sweetie and did so well being on the boat-he did not even fuss about wearing a life jacket!

Several families did not pass court last week but many have new court dates the first of June. Please pray that they will soon be together!

Have a great week!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gearing up for SUMMER!!!

W1 and his soccer coach-

W2 with Coach Dave

W2 and his cousin in our new sun room-I am still trying to decorate it.

Mother's Day at our house-brunch was a great idea and a new tradition-so much easier than grilling out!! See the oil portraits of the boys in the background? I cannot wait to have our daughter's made!!!!

Well, soccer is over for the season. The boys did very well and learned a lot. Dad B is glad to finally be able to go to the lake on the weekends. After Mother's Day brunch at our house, we made a mad dash to the lake for 4 hours-It was so nice and I cannot believe this is our fifth summer at the lake! Dad B is so relaxed on the water and it is nice to be together as a family-now if I could just learn to sleep there! I have a terrible time and spend most nights tossing and turning.

This week, a family who made the wait list 1 1/2 months before us received a referral for a 17 month old boy. I am so excited for them and started to think maybe we would get a call, soon-no one ahead of us on the unofficial FBI list (LOVE THE LIST) requested a daughter over 15 months old. (we requested a girl 0-18 months) I got really excited and then started to panic because we have nothing ready! W1 is moving to the playroom-(believe me, he is coming out great because the Wii and TV are right next door) and we have to put either a sky light or dormer in. No call, yet and for some reason I think July is our month-but don't get me wrong, the sooner the better!!

Well, W1 is taking EOG's this week (end of grade tests). I know he will do great but he is a little nervous-I will be glad when they are over!
Have a great week-

Friday, May 8, 2009

We survived April!!!

W2's birthday bash!

W2 with his sweet friend.

W1's shin dig.

Red velvet cake courtesy of Nana.

W1's gifts-don't forget his new puppy!

The birthday month is over-after many celebrations! The boys had a great time turning 10 and 8 and will be writing thank you notes for the entire month of May!! I have already decided that it is destiny that our daughter will be an April baby, as well.

Dad B also completed the sun room and deck additions. They look so great and make the back yard seem so much bigger. Now, it is time to move...ha-ha. Those of you who know us, know that we like to move!!

I have started looking for pink bedding-our next big project is to fix up the baby's room and move W1 to his new room-he is so sweet to agree to switch rooms.

We went to view the World Vision Experience-step into Africa exhibit today. It was both heartbreaking and uplifting. I kept thinking of our daughter in Ethiopia and how her life could very well be affected by AIDS. Walking through the exhibit it was impossible to not feel so lucky that we have so much-way more than just the basics-and every day we take things for granted. Driving across town, picking up our children from school, having food in our cabinets, a home...

Well, Happy Mother's Day to everyone-hopefully, next year at this time I will have a daughter who calls me, "Mommy!"