Monday, May 18, 2009

Gearing up for SUMMER!!!

W1 and his soccer coach-

W2 with Coach Dave

W2 and his cousin in our new sun room-I am still trying to decorate it.

Mother's Day at our house-brunch was a great idea and a new tradition-so much easier than grilling out!! See the oil portraits of the boys in the background? I cannot wait to have our daughter's made!!!!

Well, soccer is over for the season. The boys did very well and learned a lot. Dad B is glad to finally be able to go to the lake on the weekends. After Mother's Day brunch at our house, we made a mad dash to the lake for 4 hours-It was so nice and I cannot believe this is our fifth summer at the lake! Dad B is so relaxed on the water and it is nice to be together as a family-now if I could just learn to sleep there! I have a terrible time and spend most nights tossing and turning.

This week, a family who made the wait list 1 1/2 months before us received a referral for a 17 month old boy. I am so excited for them and started to think maybe we would get a call, soon-no one ahead of us on the unofficial FBI list (LOVE THE LIST) requested a daughter over 15 months old. (we requested a girl 0-18 months) I got really excited and then started to panic because we have nothing ready! W1 is moving to the playroom-(believe me, he is coming out great because the Wii and TV are right next door) and we have to put either a sky light or dormer in. No call, yet and for some reason I think July is our month-but don't get me wrong, the sooner the better!!

Well, W1 is taking EOG's this week (end of grade tests). I know he will do great but he is a little nervous-I will be glad when they are over!
Have a great week-

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