Friday, December 18, 2009

The Britt Family of Five

Helen and her 2 big brothers!

Our sweet angel!

We have returned-this post is going to be quick because sweet baby is napping! Helen is wonderful-she has bonded so well with us all-It was as if she was praying for us as we were praying for her.

Ethiopia was amazing. The people there were so kind-the poverty, however, was devastating-something we will never forget. The orphans living on the street are constantly on our mind.

To the Gladney families waiting-you and your children could not be in better hands. The in country staff was incredible - the foster care centers were so clean and the children were so loved. Travis and Joanna-who we spent the most time with-are top notch...there is no doubt in my mind that they have the best interest of the children at heart.

The Bejoe house was the best-it was like a big family. Helen loved it there and so did we-our driver Tefessa, became a dear friend, and we pray that we will cross paths with him again.

Thank you for the prayers- Hopefully, I can update soon. Merry Christmas to you all.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby we come!

My beautiful shower cake made by our good friend (and cousin) Jennifer. She and our other friend, Nicole had a surprise shower for us!! It was amazing!

Buying crackers!

Will surrounded by the 35 pair of shoes we are taking to Ethiopia!!! We are so excited!

Thanksgiving was delicious!!

Well, the time is here. Buddy leaves for Washington tonight and I leave tomorrow. We are flying separately-crazy, YES!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for our safe arrival and return!!

I was at the boys' program at school today and thought to myself, one day we will be here watching Helen!! It was surreal-I still can't believe she is my daughter. We cannot wait to meet her and pray for an easy transition. She is a smart little cookie-she definitely has different faces when traveling parents take pictures of her and when the in-country staff does!! She is all smiles when people she is familiar with take her picture and very wary with others. I imagine she is going to throw a few of those looks our way!!

I cannot believe the next time I update our blog, I will have met our daughter, Helen! For those of you waiting, hang in there, it is SO worth it!!!

Love to you all!