Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun

Finding their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny sent them on a scavenger hunt!

My handsome fellas before church.

Pawpaw and his "granddaughter"-she is too cute.

Nana and the boys with their Easter gifts!

W1 and W2 with their cousins.

Well, after a very busy weekend, we have taken it easy this week. We were going to go to the lake today but W2 is not feeling well so we are going to stay home.

On the adoption front, CIS sent a revised copy of our I-171H last week so we are now back to our original age preference of 0-18 months. We are so excited to be closer to seeing our little girl! Keep up the referrals, Gladney!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

W2's Birthday Extravaganza

Opening birthday gifts.

W2 wanted his friends C and E to come over and play.

Dyeing eggs with Mawmaw and Joppy.

My college roommate and her cute little family came by for a visit.

Birthday dinner-he wanted to keep the hat!

What an exciting weekend! W2's birthday was a lot of fun. He had his two buddies come by to play, then dyed Easter eggs at Mawmaw's, then my college roommate and her family came by-we have not seen each other in 10 years when W1 was a baby. She looks just the same and has two sweet little boys-Her oldest loves Thomas the train-just like W1 used to-

W2 is our wild child-but such a sweetie. He is the one who was not sure about a baby sister but now he talks about "when the baby comes..." and wanted me to announce our adoption in church. Yesterday, at Mawmaw's house, he played with his 2 year old cousin more than anyone. His sister is going to adore him!! He is such a good little student and never wants to be in trouble at school. At home, we call him "the boss" because he rules the roost. I love you, W2! Happy 8th Birthday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

How did this happen?

Well, as you can see, we have a new addition and it is not a baby girl from Ethiopia-it is a baby girl beagle from Randolph County- No name, yet-trying out a few. She is a birthday present for W1 and he is thrilled-Everyone was up at 6:30 AM today...and this is the first day of spring break!!! She is a sweetie and I think I am still in shock. Dad B and I were going to LOOK at her but somehow the boys went with us and you know the rest...
Congrats to a fellow Gladney mom who received her referral yesterday-Gladney-KEEP THEM COMING!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter parties and W2's 8th Birthday

W2 tearing into his pokemon cards Nana and Pawpaw gave him. He said, "this was the best early birthday EVER!"

Two peas in a pod and the best cake maker ever-always homemade!

W2 looking for Easter eggs at Church.

Our handsome boys before singing at church.

The famous cake-with four different colors of homemade icing-red, yellow, green and pink!

It has been a good week at our house. W2 and W1 have partied down with birthday and Easter parties. Today was the last day of school for 10 days-they are so excited and I hope they will sleep in tomorrow-ha! ha!

Have a Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gladney Dinner

Hi everyone. Our first week on the waiting list has been great! Last night we went to eat dinner with the NC Gladney Family Association and it was so nice. We were able to meet other parents who have either adopted through Gladney or are in the process. I think there were five adopting from Ethiopia-it was amazing and we had such a good time, we did not want to leave. It was so comforting to be able to talk to people who are going through the same things we are-excitement, anxiousness, nervousness. It was also so interesting to hear the "questions" they were getting-some of the very ones we have encountered. I hope we have made some life long friends and our children will know each other for many years. It is amazing how this experience has brought us to people and places we would have never known. I am trying to soak it all in and enjoy every minute even though I cannot wait for our referral. Our agency seems to really be cranking out the referrals lately and I hope it continues!!

We had a great day today. The boys had soccer games and W1 got a goal-W2 is a defender and stopped the other team from scoring a goal! Then we went to see "Race to Witch Mountain"-it was OK-now onto the Final Four games.

Have a great week-hopefully, next week I will find out if our CIS I171H form can be fixed to our original age bracket!