Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Please let July be our MONTH!!!

"Thy God of Heaven will not fail to heal you"
A rising 4th grader at Bible School made this bag for our service project. He worked on it the entire time he was in crafts while everyone else was decorating their picture frames-(his frame was plain). I was (and still am) amazed by him.

W1's digs at his first camp out!

W1 and his scout den

W2 and Dad B spent some manly time together four wheeling!(and making balloon animals-that is manly, right?)

W2 and his good bud at the pool.

Well tomorrow begins the month I have always thought would be OUR month for THE CALL! Please, let it be so. I can't wait to see her sweet little cheeks.

W1 is at scout camp-I miss him so much-We are picking him up tomorrow evening after dinner-I had to take his goggles yesterday and you should have seen his tent-clothes everywhere-I just zipped the tent back up and left-I have to let him grow up-of course, W2 had a fit..."He did not listen to a thing you said, Mama-you told him to put his dirty clothes in a bag, not on the ground!!! My yearbook has been stepped all over-W1 owes me $15.00 for it......."(on and on and on).

W2 has enjoyed being alone this week-we went shopping yesterday, to the pool today and movies after dinner. He is a bird-never a dull moment with him.

Well, have a great 4th of July!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty soon, I am going to get an ulcer!

After W1's first game! W2, Dad B and I had to work the scoreboard-AHHH!

W1 had a BEAUTIFUL lay-up-of course, I did not get that pic.!

Bible school crafts-my job and I love it!

W1 and his good buddy-they look just alike from behind-

Well, between waiting for "the call", W1's first scout camp out, W1's basketball games (highly competitive), and praying that my brother gets a job he interviewed for last week, I am on the verge of an ulcer-My stomach has been in knots all week!!!

Our adoption agency is really cranking out the referrals this month-Three families behind us on the unofficial wait list have now received referrals and I keep thinking we are next...But, I have always thought July was our month which is a good and bad thing. Good, because it is just around the corner, bad because Ethiopian courts close from Aug. to sometime in Oct. for the rainy season. So, if we get our referral in July most likely we won't pass court until after they reopen...Well, I guess we will have plenty of time to get her room ready if that is the case. It is going to be so cute!!! I love pink~

Well, I will post the MINUTE we get the word...please pray for us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let Summer Begin!!

We took the boys shopping for doing so well in school this year- W1 made all A's and W2 made all S's and did not have to turn his card once-(he is very proud of that-it means he did not get in trouble at school.) W1 decided to buy his very first Abercrombie t-shirt (oh no!) and we bought him a pair of basketball shoes because he is playing at the YMCA this summer.

W2 with 2 of his pals at school. He had the best class.

W2 with his sweet teacher. They were a perfect match-they both love to boogie!
I hope Baby B has her one day.

W1 with his good bud outside at their year end celebration.

Nana showing all of the kids how to hula hoop. So this is who W2 learned to boogie from!

The boys got out of school last Wed. and we have been pretty busy- We have been to the pool a few times, the lake and W1 started golf camp today. W2, of course, would rather stay home than do anything else-well, I take that back, one day he, Dad B and Buddy the dog will probably pack up and move to the lake-
A family who was behind us (only by a week, though) on the unofficial waiting list received a referral for a 15 month old boy last week. We are so happy for them and excited to see some movement on our end of the list. There are probably 25 families in front of us but we are still the first family who wants a girl over 12 months old-PRAYING that we hear something soon!! We still have a ton to do to get ready for her but every time the phone rings, my stomach drops. Have a great week!

Monday, June 8, 2009

More lake fun!

Happy B-day Dad B!

W1 and his sweet teacher-we will miss her so much next year!

W1 and his peeps.

W1 had his awards day today. He received 2 awards and we are so proud of him! He has had a fantastic year this year and I cannot believe that my baby will be in the 4th grade next year.
W2 has really enjoyed the 1st grade-his party is on Wed. and I will have some pics. of him then.

On the adoption front, when we were driving home from the pool this afternoon, I called the house to check our messages. I thought someone called from the same area code as Gladney-(our adoption agency) and I got so excited!!! I know it is wishful thinking - we probably have several months to go but I just can't wait for our referral.

Mom and I hit the jackpot last week when we were shopping for the baby's room. I love TJ Maxx-I have searched high and low for bedding and there it was- just the colors I wanted: pink and green. We found some accessories and a beautiful chandelier on clearance at Lowes. (I am a bargain shopper!!) I hope we will move W1, soon-I get to paint NC State red walls again-

Well, have a great week!!