Monday, June 15, 2009

Let Summer Begin!!

We took the boys shopping for doing so well in school this year- W1 made all A's and W2 made all S's and did not have to turn his card once-(he is very proud of that-it means he did not get in trouble at school.) W1 decided to buy his very first Abercrombie t-shirt (oh no!) and we bought him a pair of basketball shoes because he is playing at the YMCA this summer.

W2 with 2 of his pals at school. He had the best class.

W2 with his sweet teacher. They were a perfect match-they both love to boogie!
I hope Baby B has her one day.

W1 with his good bud outside at their year end celebration.

Nana showing all of the kids how to hula hoop. So this is who W2 learned to boogie from!

The boys got out of school last Wed. and we have been pretty busy- We have been to the pool a few times, the lake and W1 started golf camp today. W2, of course, would rather stay home than do anything else-well, I take that back, one day he, Dad B and Buddy the dog will probably pack up and move to the lake-
A family who was behind us (only by a week, though) on the unofficial waiting list received a referral for a 15 month old boy last week. We are so happy for them and excited to see some movement on our end of the list. There are probably 25 families in front of us but we are still the first family who wants a girl over 12 months old-PRAYING that we hear something soon!! We still have a ton to do to get ready for her but every time the phone rings, my stomach drops. Have a great week!


  1. Hey!! I wanted to get back in touch. We are in Charlotte. Where are you located? It would be so nice to have a group of families that are going through this same journey. We are enjoying our summer too! Headed to the beach tomorrow for another visit. :) Glad to hear that you are moving up the list. It is encouraging news, isn't it??

  2. Do you see ho0w fast the referrals are for older children!! Keep your phone close:) Thanks for your prayers!!

  3. Cassandra, I check your blog everyday. Your referral will come soon. When you finally see 817 it is amazing! I am starting to feel this way again about a court date call too. Praying for you!