Monday, April 13, 2009

W2's Birthday Extravaganza

Opening birthday gifts.

W2 wanted his friends C and E to come over and play.

Dyeing eggs with Mawmaw and Joppy.

My college roommate and her cute little family came by for a visit.

Birthday dinner-he wanted to keep the hat!

What an exciting weekend! W2's birthday was a lot of fun. He had his two buddies come by to play, then dyed Easter eggs at Mawmaw's, then my college roommate and her family came by-we have not seen each other in 10 years when W1 was a baby. She looks just the same and has two sweet little boys-Her oldest loves Thomas the train-just like W1 used to-

W2 is our wild child-but such a sweetie. He is the one who was not sure about a baby sister but now he talks about "when the baby comes..." and wanted me to announce our adoption in church. Yesterday, at Mawmaw's house, he played with his 2 year old cousin more than anyone. His sister is going to adore him!! He is such a good little student and never wants to be in trouble at school. At home, we call him "the boss" because he rules the roost. I love you, W2! Happy 8th Birthday!

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