Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

W1 is freezing-the "fish" W2 did not mind the cold water a bit!

Well, soccer is over so it is now Dad B's favorite time of the year-weekends at the lake! For once, I was so worn out I actually slept-(with both W1 and W2-all the while wondering how Baby Girl B will fit in the bed with us). We spent much of the weekend on the jet skis and the boys loved it-I am no spring chicken anymore, so I was a little sore. On Sunday, Dad B's family, my aunt Meme and our friends came by for a cookout-It only rained a little that day-on Monday, we got caught in a hail storm while on the pontoon-luckily, we were able to pull over at a friends' pier to wait for the storm to pass.

I thought about our baby girl a lot while we were at the lake-wondering how she would like the water and the boats and that it will be a challenge with a little one around the water. Our friends have a son who just turned one and he is such a sweetie and did so well being on the boat-he did not even fuss about wearing a life jacket!

Several families did not pass court last week but many have new court dates the first of June. Please pray that they will soon be together!

Have a great week!

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