Monday, July 20, 2009

We are running out of July!

W1's friends who came over for a sleepover-they were so good.

Well, here it is July 20th and the month I thought was our month is quickly slipping by. One week from today, we will have been on the wait list for 4 months (which is the average wait time). I know that God's timing is perfect but I have to keep reminding myself that. Please pray that I will have patience, it is just so hard knowing that our daughter is thousands of miles away.

While waiting, I have been searching the internet for cute girl bows and bloomers and accessories for her room. I can't believe the adorable stuff they have for girls! I found a monogrammed lamp shade on e-bay-can you believe that? As soon as we have a name picked out (we are going to use her given name as her middle name) I am ordering a shade for her PINK room!!

My friend, Jennifer, had her baby yesterday. (We had her baby shower just in time, she wasn't due for another week.) She is precious and Jennifer looks fantastic-baby girl is going to be so loved especially with 3 older brothers.

Have a great week!


  1. oh my! counseling!?! seriously? ridiculous!!

    btw, i just realized you are the bbritt3 listed on my blog. i thought it was my dad b/c his name is britt! weird :-)

  2. we still have two full work days left in this week! you never know! (and then a whole week left in the month!!!) I'm still hoping on July for you!

  3. How are you holding up?! 4 1/2 days left in July...I'm still betting you get the call this month!