Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, we received a phone call from our adoption agency today saying that as of last week (when our home study made its way to CIS) a new form is needed before CIS will issue the last piece of paper we need before we are on the wait list. I am trying so hard not to be discouraged but it is so hard, especially since it has taken us so long to be approved and we worked so diligently on our paperwork. I just knew that we would be on the wait list this week...

We had a good weekend. The boys played basketball again (this weekend is the last game) and W1's game was so intense-he did great and they won at the last second. W2 made another basket and it was beautiful!! Soccer practice started today-looking forward to many Saturdays outside watching the boys play!

On Sunday, we went to cousin T's house for his birthday party. It was alot of fun.

Today, Nana and I went shopping for spring clothes for the boys-I had to sneak a peek at the girls' clothes and can't wait to start buying some pink outfits!

Please pray that this new bump in the road passes quickly...I don't know how much more I can take! Have a good week.

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