Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hoping to hear from CIS soon!

W2 playing his new Nintendo game-

Our 2 pups trying to get in the house-they can't wait for summer time at the lake when they can lounge in our lake house.

W1 playing Wii. We bought Wii fit and it is tough! I jogged for 3 minutes and could hardly catch my breath...maybe it is time to exercise?!

Our new sunroom-in progress-it is so much bigger than I thought it would be-I can't wait to have it finished! It will be the perfect place to keep our daughters' toys that are downstairs-Who am I kidding-they will be everywhere!

Hi everyone! We had a conference call with our case worker yesterday and our home study has been sent to CIS and KBS Dossiers. Now, we are waiting on one more piece of paper and we are on the wait list! It is going to take longer to receive a referral than we originally thought but we are glad that all of the work on our end is finished. Now we just wait....

We had a great weekend. The boys spent the night with Nana on Friday night so Dad B and I could go out for dinner-we turned in early-we are so tired by Friday! The boys had games on Saturday and then we went bowling with their cousins-I forgot to take pictures!! They all had a blast! W1 lost a bet to his older cousin and has to wear a Tarheel shirt the next time they are together-Yuck! We don't own anything light blue!

Have a great week!

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