Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

My two favorite boys!

Sweet girl!

Already a wolfpack fan!! When my brother gave this to Helen on Christmas morning, she ripped off her pajamas and put it on immediately!

2010 has been wonderful so far (with the exception of bronchitis for sweet Helen). Other than that, Helen is doing GREAT!! She has adjusted so well-Believe me, it is a shock! She had such a hard time when she was first brought to the foster care center-she cried for several days. Her first pictures were so sad and they broke our hearts. I really believe that she was waiting for us-for a home. I am so thankful that we listened to OUR hearts and pursued international adoption.
Meeting her for the first time is so surreal, now. I was so calm-which is very unlike me. She knew us instantly and after about 15 minutes of us talking and playing with her, she looked at her caregivers, gave a big wave and said, "Chow." When we got in the taxi, she took several deep breaths and a few tears were shed and then she fell asleep-from that moment on I was Mommy and Buddy was Babba.
The boys adore her and she loves them so much. They have been such big helpers for us and when we returned they looked like they had grown a foot. Our family is complete-it feels complete and I know how blessed we are.
Have a wonderful 2010!!


  1. It just warms my heart to hear how well you all are doing! Thanks again for the pictures of our boys!!! I've looked at them a million times over the past two days!

  2. So glad to hear she attached to you so quickly! Love that! Gabriel wasn't sad to leave the Gladney Care center at all---he cried when we tried to put him in his crib for a picture, when his "special mom" tried to dress him in traditional dress for the coffee ceremony and any time "ababa" (now "daddy") put him down. If he could've talked, he would've said "ciao'' very easily. But I am so grateful for the love and care they poured out on him while he was waiting for us. Such a blessing!