Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still here!

Run W2, RUN!!

My little nascar driver

Dad B trying to pass W1!

W2 and his pal since birth, E. She is a sweetheart.

We are staying so busy at the Britt household. Soccer, scouts, tennis, choir, SCHOOL, remodeling and now a yard sale. W1 has decided to do his school project on the orphans of Ethiopia. In conjunction with his project, he is having a yard sale and all of the proceeds will go towards buying supplies for Baby B's orphanage. We have been cleaning out the house and hopefully friends will come through with some donations for the sale. Every little bit helps. We are so proud of the boys for wanting to donate their time (and toys) for such a wonderful cause.

A wonderful family, sent us 14 pictures of our daughter this past weekend (while I was at the beach scrapbooking her life book). They took a care package to Ethiopia for us and it is so neat to see her holding items that we picked out just for her. Our case worker has also sent several updates this week and we feel so blessed to see how happy she is and how much she is growing. She has a head full of beautiful black curls!!!

On a sad note, the courts in Ethiopia are not reopening on schedule so several families have lost their court dates. Please pray for quick, new court dates for them and that we receive a court date soon as well. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers-you don't know how much they help!!


  1. I’m praying that we all get a court date soon. I would love to have my little man home by Christmas.

  2. Come on court date! Really hope you hear something this week!!