Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Great Success!

Chillin at the yard sale (notice W2's bookmarks-)

Some of our yard sale contributions!

W2 cleaning up a toy!

Our yard sale for Baby B's orphanage this past Saturday was a great success!! We had 20+ friends and family donate items and we made $800.00 for Baby B's foster care center in Ethiopia. It was so much fun and we had such wonderful responses from strangers who came to the yard sale. Thanks to all who supported us!! We can feel all of the prayers lifting us up!

Courts in Ethiopia reopened on Monday, Oct. 12th. At least one family from our agency has received a court date in a couple of weeks. I keep hoping that the next phone call we get, is Natalie with our court date!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Hoping you get that next call SOON SOON SOON!

  2. Oh, I hope you hear from Natalie soon, too!! We are having a yard sale next weekend. I hope it will be as successful as yours!