Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Referral day! We were driving in the car to go celebrate and saw this beautiful rainbow! What a wonderful sign!

A sweet family traveling at the end of the month is going to take this to Baby B. and give her a big hug for us! The boys picked out the outfit and were so excited!! I hope I will get a picture with our daughter wearing it!

Shopping with Nana!

One of the pictures we sent to Baby B. We were laughing thinking that she is going to wonder who that hairy looking boy with the big ears is!! Buddy the dog is a ham!

This is our last week before the boys go back to school and we find out who their teachers are tonight. I cannot believe the summer is over!

We had a great weekend at the lake and yesterday we went back to school shopping with Nana-
They will look spiffy for their first day back.

We keep looking at Baby B's pictures and love her so much! When the boys go to school, I am going to start painting rooms-We are still working on W1's room - thanks to my Dad it is going to be so cool-a real "tween" room.

Have a great week!


  1. I love that you saw a rainbow! My husband and I were driving home the other day and saw one and I thought, wouldn't it be perfect if we got the call NOW! LOL, no such luck, though.

    So excited that Sara got her court day in October. Hope yours is that week too!


  2. What an adorable outfit! I hope you hear about your court date soon!

  3. I can"t believe how big Will is! He looks so much older than he did last time I saw him. Very cute outfit! I love pink and brown and green!