Monday, August 10, 2009

Coach Bob McKillop, you are the best!!

Now, can you loan us the $50,000.00+ per year it is going to cost us to send W1 to Davidson!!
W1 went to Bob McKillop's basketball camp at Davidson College last week and he had a blast. Coach McKillop had each boy write down their dream and W1's was to go to Davidson and play basketball. I know a little about this dream because I wanted to go to Davidson like my dad but my SAT's were not high enough. I was devastated!!! Maybe W1's dream will change, but once Davidson grabs a hold of you, it is tough to get it out of your system. Can we say, SCHOLARSHIP!!

On a parental note, I would highly recommend the camp. Coach McKillop doesn't just put his name on it and let someone else run it-he was there everyday encouraging the boys and coaching them. He is a fantastic coach.

W2 is at a day tennis camp this week and he enjoyed the first day-it is so HOT here so we are inside for the rest of the afternoon.

Dad B is going to have to have knee surgery next week-please say a prayer for him, he is really worried about it-(his dad passed away from a heart attack after knee surgery) Please keep us in your prayers-

Still no news about baby B-maybe this week...
Love to all

W1 with his new hero-Bob McKillop

W2 at tennis camp-maybe this is his sport?!

Can you tell how much these two missed each other-5 mins together after 6 days and they were fighting-boys will be boys-

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