Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still waiting to be on the waiting list!!

Dad B with our cousins' cute dog!!

W1 and W2 playing Wii with their sweet cousin!

These two have the best time together!

W2 coming out of the smoke house!

My tiger den!

Well, no real news on the adoption front. Our home study revisions were sent to our social worker and then hopefully it will be sent SOON to CIS for approval and then we will be on the wait list!!

I met with the mom and her two adopted sons from Ethiopia yesterday. They were so precious! She was so sweet to answer all of my questions.

Earlier this week my tiger den went to the fire station. The boys were a hoot-I doubt the firemen will ever forget us. W2 told them that our cat knew kung fu!! We went out to the smokehouse to see what it would be like in a real fire. The boys went in the house and crawled through it and then had to go out the window. Well, I thought I was supposed to do the same but I think they were afraid I would break the window!! "Ma'am, you can use the door if you like!" Ha!

Well, have a great weekend! Hopefully, we will have some movement on our adoption in the next few weeks.

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  1. Wow...I don't think our fire station does that sort of practice...that is awesome...Hope you have some movement on the adoption soon, kristi